Speaker Bio:
A gifted storyteller, author, teacher and psychotherapist. Dr.
Showalter has been referred to as a healer by thousands of people
who have heard her speak across the country on topics of loss,
grief, caregiving, spirituality, change, hope and compassion fatigue.
She blends Native American spirituality with mind-body-spirit
connection, to restore balance and revitalize the professional and
lay person alike.  Audiences love to laugh, and will krumple a
kleenex or two, as she weaves her many stories on the loom of her
life’s work.
Dr. Showalter brings a spiritual tenderness to heartache with
humor. Clearly the best speaker I’ve ever heard. I felt lighter and
ready to get back to work when I left the room.” R. Watkins,MD
Experience the passion of a wise and caring woman with a healing
spirit, who laughs through tears, and helps transform lives while
rekindling passion as she leads, teaches and uses storytelling in
her keynotes, seminars and presentations.
I believe the journey to healing trauma, crisis, pain of illness,
chronic losses, dying/death, transition and growth begin with
education and providing a sacred forum for people to know they
are cared about. Compassion fatigue is flourishing in our workers
today and we need to take care of them in the best way possible.
Compassion Fatigue,
Weathering The Holidays,
The Care-Givers: Where The
Rubber Meets The Road!,
Loss and Grief, Humor and
Heartache, Grief In The
Workplace, Work - Life Balance
Keynotes and Seminars
"My colleagues and I were
mesmerized. From her
opening remarks Dr
Showalter, had the
audience in the palm of her
hands. What an uplifting
and informative
presentation. One that we
will long remember. I
would personally attend an
event just to hear her
keynote. After hearing her
speak, I ordered her book
and once again find myself
captured by her poignant
storytelling and could hear
her voice in each page and
message of healing."      
Dr Beatrice Harris, MD
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